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David Marshall - Baldivis

My name is David Marshall, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for Baldivis.

If you want to be within easy driving distance of Perth, but have all the advantages of a semi-rural lifestyle in a rapidly expanding suburb, then Baldivis is a great place to put down roots, and raise a family.

But, like many local residents, I am concerned that local planning laws don’t take individuals and families into consideration. The extremely rapid growth of our own suburb is a case in point, and that’s why, as your local candidate, I am committed to:

  • Zoning industrial and semi-industrial land on the outskirts of Baldivis, to provide much needed jobs and revenue for the local community
  • Seeing Roe 8 & 9 built, to ease heavy vehicle pressure on the Kwinana Freeway, and on residential streets
  • Prioritising the construction of Karnup train station, to boost public transport links
  • The overhaul of payroll tax legislation, to stimulate the local economy and create jobs
  • A return to a local policing strategy, and police accountability within local communities

Baldivis has been badly let down by both major parties in recent years, and local issues that should have been progressed have been turned into political footballs. The only way to put a stop to that is to send a strong message at the ballot box.

If you would like to help me to do just that, you can sign up to my campaign by completing the form on this page.

David Marshall
Liberal Democrat for Baldivis
 [email protected]