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Matthew Thompson - Darling Range

My name is Matthew Thompson, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for Darling Range.

I have been a working man all my life, and I know the value of hard work.  I am currently employed in the mining industry, so I understand that raw materials are the bedrock of our economy, from the wood provided by our forestry workers up in Mundaring, to the livestock raised by our farmers down in Serpentine, and all points in between.

Like you, I want my grandchildren to grow up in a technological, sustainable and free society. That’s why, if elected to represent Darling Range, I am committed to:

  • Reducing the regulatory burden and ‘red tape’ placed upon our primary producers
  • Encouraging local job growth through a radical and far-reaching overhaul of the payroll tax
  • Establishing a unique and distinct tourism zone across the Perth Hills, and
  • Easing access restrictions on crown land, so that we can all enjoy our great, local environment

I don’t buy into the idea that the government has, or should have, all the answers. That’s why I’m committed to listening to you, the residents of Darling Range, and to leaving you in peace to enjoy your lives, while the government focuses on the basics that allow you do that.

If you share my values, sign up to my campaign by completing the form on this page.

Matthew Thompson
Liberal Democrat for Darling Range
 [email protected]