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Bradley Chalke - Dawesville

My name is Bradley Chalke, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for Dawesville.

I am a local property valuer, who moved to WA from NSW thirteen years ago, and settled with my family here in the southern-most suburb of metropolitan Perth.

The relaxed, beach and estuary lifestyle that we all enjoy is what drew me to Halls Head in the first place, but it is also what led me to put my name forward as a candidate in the upcoming election. I did so because I want to preserve and enhance the freedoms we all-too-often take for granted, and to ensure that we have the right mix of support and encouragement from our state government to allow us to maintain those freedoms for future generations.

That’s why, if elected, I am committed to:

  • Overhauling of the payroll tax, in order to create thousands of new jobs across the state
  • An urgent review of the metropolitan boundaries, which seem to shift whenever it suits government to avoid providing services, or to increase our levels of taxation
  • The creation of a regional employment plan, to tackle the high levels of unemployment being suffered across the greater Peel area
  • Opening up Crown Land for tourism and recreational purposes
  • Creating a volunteer 'green army' to tackle local environmental issues, especially along our coastline

I am offering local, common sense solutions to pressing local issues.

If you would like to help me to achieve those solutions on your behalf, please sign up to my campaign by completing the form on this page.

Thank you!

Bradley Chalke
Liberal Democrat for Dawesville
 [email protected]