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Carl Schelling - Fremantle

My name is Carl Schelling, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for Fremantle.

Freo is the iconic heart of Perth. A city in its own right, it’s where culture meets the beach, and stops to sip on a soy flat white, or a long, cold stubby.

It’s also an area where you’re likely to be suffering as a result of the rising cost of living, worried about changes in education that will impact on your university course choices, or concerned about your job prospects in an increasingly mechanised age. Alongside my Liberal Democrat colleagues, I’m offering sensible, local solutions to these pressing local issues.

If elected to represent you, I am committed to:

  • Building Roe 8 and 9, to maintain wharf-based jobs here in Fremantle over the next decade
  • Reforming our outdated state drugs laws to bring them kicking and screaming into the 21st century
  • Building an effective, powerful volunteer ‘green army’ to tackle environmental issues
  • Overhauling payroll tax, to unshackle local small businesses, and grow jobs for our young people
  • Securing real choice for our university students by boosting support for tertiary autonomy

As a Dockers tragic, I know that things don’t always go our way, but I’m committed to limiting that to the footy field, and ensuring that Fremantle scores repeatedly in the political arena.

If you would like to help me to score those goals on your behalf, you can sign up to my campaign by completing the form on this page.

Carl Schelling
Liberal Democrat for Fremantle
 [email protected]