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Andrew Genovese - Geraldton

My name is Andrew Genovese, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for Geraldton.

Like you, I’m proud to live in a diverse and thriving inner-city suburb, with all the hustle and bustle that accompanies it. Geraldton is a great place to visit, but it’s an even better place to live. Whether you’re a Yabbaru Bibbulman Noongar native, a multi-generation resident, or a new Australian, Geraldton has something to offer, and a welcoming place for you to call home.

I want to ensure that Geraldton continues to grow and to prosper into the future. That’s why, if elected as your local representative, I am committed to:

  • A relaxation of planning laws and associated red tape, that will allow us to breathe life back into Geraldton and surrounding areas
  • The urgent overhaul of payroll tax legislation, to help businesses to create jobs for future generations of young people
  • A focus on practical tourism initiatives that will bring people into the greater city area
  • Easing the burden on small business through a radical reduction in government red tape

I’m committed to listening to local people, and backing local solutions to local issues.

If you are a local who feels similarly, you can help me affect local change by signing up to my campaign using the form on this page.

Andrew Genovese
Liberal Democrat for Geraldton
 [email protected]