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Carolyn Trigwell - Kalamunda

My name is Carolyn Trigwell, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for Kalamunda.

Kalamunda is a beautiful, unique part of Perth, where the city meets the hills. But it can also be an area that is all-too-often overlooked by CBD-based politicians, and that’s why I’m committed to putting local concerns front and centre as I campaign to represent Kalamunda and its residents in parliament.

I’m a long-term local resident myself, so I know that you’re as concerned as I am about crime, and the need to return to a community policing model.

I know that you want to see us grow our local jobs market, so that your children can work close to home, and earn a good wage.

And I know that you have concerns around the sustainability of our semi-rural way of life, whether it be support for our farmers, our hard-pressed volunteer bushfire brigade, or our ageing transport infrastructure.

As a local who listens to locals, I’m committed to:

  • Reducing government red tape, to make all our lives simpler
  • Easing the tax burden, especially by reducing payroll tax, which in turn encourages jobs growth
  • Ensuring the our bureaucrats respect the rights of individuals and families

I also want to ensure that we have the infrastructure we need going forward, facilities that will engage and retain youth in our local communities, and amenities for those most in need, including the homeless, and those suffering through the stigma of mental illness.

Working together as a community, we can make a real difference.

You can help me make a positive change by signing up to my campaign using the form on this page.

Carolyn Trigwell
Liberal Democrat for Kalamunda