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MEDIA RELEASE: Liberal Democrats announce candidate for Fremantle


12 May 2018

Liberal Democrats announce candidate for Fremantle

Legalising cannabis, ending “sin taxes” on alcohol and cigarettes, and closing off-shore detention centres, could all soon be on the agenda after John Gray was announced as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Fremantle.

Mr Gray recently completed a 7 year commission in the Royal Australian Navy and is currently undertaking a law degree at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle, while working for the Starlight Children’s Foundation as a children’s entertainer.

“John comes to us with life experience, real life experience. He’s worked with Australian men and women in the line of duty in far-flung places and under strenuous conditions,” said Stuart Hatch, President, Liberal Democrats WA.

“John understands the fragile condition of the human mind, and the importance of having strong support networks for current and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force.

“John is a young person, and, just like many other young people in the Fremantle area, he’s struggling to get on the property ladder and buy his first home.

“Everyone talks about the First Home Owner Grant, but the thing that’s really keeping young people from owning their own home is red and green tape, archaic zoning laws and poor planning by successive governments.

 “You can’t run a campaign in Fremantle and not talk about the outer harbour. It’s the giant, sort-of, amoeba that hovers over every political candidate in the area.

“John is committed to obtaining the best result for Fremantle, both as a tourist destination and as a home to heavy industry, and I look forward to the unique perspective he will doubtless bring to this important question,” said Dr Hatch.

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