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Jayden Staszewski - Murray-Wellington

My name is Jayden Staszewski, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for Murray-Wellington.

I’m a local Pinjarra resident, with a retail background, and a strong commitment to the beautiful region we’re fortunate enough to call home.

From the ocean to our furthest inland reaches, Murray-Wellington encapsulates the production values of Australia, as our residents make the land and the sea work, for them and for their neighbours. We need a government that appreciates and supports that rural work ethic, and that’s why, if elected to represent the region, I am committed to:

  • Supporting our vital, volunteer sector services, including our SES and bush fire brigades
  • Cutting through the red and green tape that threatens to cripple our agriculture industry
  • Encouraging rural tourism, and recreational access to crown land
  • Supporting local job creation by overhauling payroll tax
  • Enhancing local infrastructure across our Shires

I value our country way of life, and I want to ensure that our rural voices are not drowned out in Perth’s parliament. 

If you feel the same way, you can help me to make positive changes for our local community by signing up to my campaign using the form on this page.

Jayden Staszewski
Liberal Democrat for Murray-Wellington
 [email protected]