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A 5-Point Plan for Western Australia

Liberal Democrats have a plan for getting Western Australians back to work, building a stronger society and guiding our State out of the COVID crisis and back to prosperity.

1. Bring Jobs Back to Western Australia

There are more than 120,000 West Aussies looking for work. Meanwhile, employers are taxed to the breaking point and wrapped up in red tape. The Liberal Democrats will:

  • Boost jobs by eliminating the Payroll Tax for small businesses while also cutting the rate to the lowest in the country
  • Make housing affordable and stimulate the property market by eliminating Stamp Duty
  • Create a skilled workforce by reintroducing the tax exemption incentives for training and upskilling existing staff
  • Give consumers real choice and boost jobs in retail by removing the outdated restrictions on retail trade



2. Provide a COVID-19 Response with a Focus on Wellbeing

The Government has neglected the social, economic and mental health needs of Western Australians with it’s COVID-19 lockdowns and border restrictions. The Liberal Democrats will:

  • Mandate that mental health is a consideration for all declarations made under the Emergency Management Act
  • Ensure that up to date mental health advice is provided to the Government by appointing the Chief Health Officer for Mental Health to the State Disaster Council
  • Create certainty and stability by replacing the hard border with a ‘Smart Border’, focusing on contact tracing, rather than harsh lockdowns


3. Help Ease the Cost of Living

West Australian’s are doing it tough but most of the increases to the cost of living are due to Government tariffs, fees and charges. We have a plan to help:

  • Save households up to $400 per year off their water bill by fixing the rampant overcharging of wastewater services by Water Corp
  • Save households up to $150 per year off their electricity bill by scrapping the Tariff Equalisation Contribution, which is a tax on metropolitan households
  • Implement a statewide freeze on council rates for the next 2 years and implement rules to limit the yearly increase of council rates
  • Save drivers hundreds of dollars every year on rego by allowing motorists to choose their own third-party insurance provider and allow policies to cover multiple vehicles


4. Create Safer Communities and a Stronger Society

The Liberal Democrats have a plan to invest in our society and ensure that Police, Education and Health services are the best available. The Liberal Democrats will:

  • Get WA Police ‘Back to Basics’, with a new emphasis on community policing and local engagement. Redirect Police resources away from revenue raising and non-violent petty offences, and focus on what’s important: preventing violent crime
  • Give parents more choice in schooling and ensure no child is left behind by introducing a ‘School Voucher System’ as part of the Independent Schools Program 2.0
  • Reduce ‘ramping’ and keep patients and medical staff safe by establishing WA’s first 24/7 Drug & Mental Health Emergency Department


5. Hold the Government to Account

The Government works for us, the public, not the other way around. The Liberal Democrats have a plan to ensure transparency and integrity from Ministers and Agencies:

  • Freeze Politician and Public Sector wage increases until the State budget is balanced, it’s unfair for the public to suffer economic hardship, while the political elite get pay rises at our expense
  • Independently cost policy proposals and ensure good value for money and less political spin by establishing a Parliamentary Budget Office
  • Ensure emergency powers and temporary measures are truly temporary by introducing ‘Sunset Clauses’ as a standard clause in all new legislation
  • Remove the secrecy around the State Disaster Council and subject all directions, health advice and deliberations to Freedom of Information requests



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