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Chris Holman - Riverton

My name is Chris Holman, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for Riverton.

My wife and I are small business owners, operating a locally based telecom support company, and employing a growing workforce of local talent to help us do so. As an employer, I am particularly worried about the amount of red tape and taxation that is stopping businesses from offering sustainable and fulfilling jobs to our young people.

That’s why, like all my Liberal Democrat colleagues across the state, I’m committed to a radical overhaul of the payroll tax, and to slashing red and green tape wherever I can, so that our kids have a future in the workforce, and can help to grow our community.

I’m also committed to:

  • Encouraging volunteerism through the creation of a volunteer ‘green army’
  • Deregulating business opening hours, particularly in the retail sector, to grow our economy
  • Building Roe 8 and 9, to get our economy back on track, and the trucks off our roads
  • Reining in Local Government excess, and giving local power back to local people

If you agree with me, and want a return to sensible, local representation, you can sign up to my campaign by completing the form on this page.

Chris Holman
Liberal Democrat for Riverton
 [email protected]