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Jack Taylor - South Perth

My name is Jack Taylor, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for South Perth.

I trained as a graphic designer at Curtin and ECU, and for the last eight years I’ve run my own small business, specialising in cybersecurity and cryptocurrency awareness. I teach members of our community, particularly our seniors, how to look after themselves online, and how they can benefit financially from the latest blockchain technology.

The electorate of South Perth is a special place for me. Bordered by the Swan and Canning Rivers, we have all the advantages of the suburbs, while being minutes from the vibrancy and amenity of the city. My partner Angela and I are both privileged to call South Perth home, and we’re committed to protecting its unique flavour, while harnessing its strengths.

That’s why, if elected to Parliament, I will fight passionately for the following five issues which are key to South Perth’s prosperity:

  • The repeal of nanny state laws that negatively affect our quality of life
  • The easing of the regulatory burden on small business by slashing red tape
  • The maintenance and proper upkeep of local heritage sites like the Old Mill and our iconic Zoo
  • The protection of our environment through the establishment of a local, volunteer ‘green army’
  • The prioritisation of job creation for our young people through a radical overhaul of payroll tax

My commitment to you: I will always listen, and put the community of South Perth first.

If you share my values, sign up to my campaign by completing the form on this page.

Jack Taylor
Liberal Democrat for South Perth
 [email protected]