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Aaron Farrell - Victoria Park

My name is Aaron Farrell, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for Victoria Park.

Whether you’re enjoying a cold beer on the pavement outside an Albany Highway hotel, or taking your family Leisurelife Centre for some exercise, Victoria Park is a well-equipped, safe and welcoming suburb in which to live and work.

I want to build upon those positives, and ensure that our CBD-based government doesn’t infringe on our liberties any more than it needs to. That’s why I’ve put my hand up to offer local, common sense solutions to local issues, and why I’m asking for your vote to make that a reality.

If elected, I am committed to:

  • Building Roe 8 and 9, to keep our economy on track
  • Reducing payroll tax, to encourage job creation across our state
  • Advocating for local drug and alcohol treatment options, and legalisation of nicotine vaping as a quitting aid
  • Offering broader school choice to parents by abolishing the current catchment system
  • Slashing the red and green tape that all-too-often cripple our local small businesses

Victoria Park is a vibrant, fun place to live and grow, and I want to ensure that it stays that way for generations to come.  Raised in the area, I've grown up in these surrounds.  I've watched Victoria Park develop and change over the course of 15 years, and I want to make sure it moves in the right direction.

If you feel the same way, and would like to help me ensure that we have a strong local voice in the state parliament, join my campaign by completing the form on this page.

Aaron Farrell
Liberal Democrat for Victoria Park
 [email protected]