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Mark Gooderham - Warnbro

My name is Mark Gooderham, and I am your local Liberal Democrat for Warnbro.

My wife Jacqui and I have called Warnbro home for a number of years now, and both our children attend school here at Living Waters Lutheran College. I was a long-serving member of the school council at Safety Bay Primary School, and have been a Governor and Director with the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation. 

We moved to Warnbro because we value the freedom and ease of the beachfront lifestyle, but I have become increasingly frustrated in recent years, as I’ve watched those freedoms being eroded and overridden by our state representatives.

As an ex-merchant seaman, and as an educator, I recognise that our local environment is a unique resource that needs to be opened up for our young people, if they are to have jobs that will allow them to enjoy it fully.

That’s why, if elected to represent the people of Warnbro, I am committed to:

  • Creating jobs for our young people through a radical overhaul of the payroll tax
  • Prioritising the Roe 8 project over any Outer Harbour proposal
  • Enshrining in law the rights of Western Australians to free speech
  • Putting more police back on the beat to tackle rising crime (especially burglary) rates
  • Listening to local people on local issues, and ensuring that your voices are heard

I want the same thing for your children that I want for my own – the chance to live and to grow old in a beautiful, free society.

If you agree with me, and want to help to protect our freedoms, sign up to my campaign by completing the form on this page.

Mark Gooderham
Liberal Democrat for Warnbro